Hickory Lace

Hickory Lace face

Hickory Lace was born at 3.00am on 9 November 2153. That makes her a Scorpio. Scorpio females are said to be strong-willed and mysterious. This certainly applies to our heroine! She knows what it takes to achieve her goals and has a magnetic charm that others can’t ignore.

One of Hickory’s major strengths is her ability to focus. Once she decides on a course of action, it’s almost impossible to divert her from her path.

As a Scorpio, she tackles things head-on regardless of how difficult the situation might be. She is passionate but not immature or careless. Rather, she is balanced, trustworthy and faithful. If you are Hickory’s friend, you know she will stand by you (ask Jess or Gareth!)
Hickory leads by instinct, which is re-enforced by her empathic skills. She is intuitive and can easily read the mind of other people.

   Hickory on Prosperine


When The Alien Corps gets underway, Hickory is twenty-six, unmarried and a lecturer at the Saint Philip Research Academy in Rome, planet Earth. Born of an Italian mother and Irish-American father, she has inherited some of the traits of both cultures: feisty, straight-talking, passionate.

Hickory’s mother died while giving birth to her younger brother, Michael. Her estranged father is Admiral George Lace, head of security in the Intragactic Agency. (The IA is made up of eighteen planets who have agreed to work together to maximize their economic and cultural benefits.)

At fifteen, Hickory Lace won three silver medals in gymnastics and one bronze in fencing at the Olympics.

Physical Characteristics:

Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: trains weekly on her bicycle. By the time the mission begins she is at the peak of physical fitness once more.

Race: Anglo/Italian
Eye Color: Green
Hair Color: Long, burnished red
Skin color: Pale (her Irish genes!)
Shape of Face: Triangular
Distinguishing features: has a small mark on her cheek from an altercation on her last mission
How does he/she dress? At home – casually: Loose jumper tied at the waist, baggy trousers; slippers. At university: smart, professional business, hair tied back, light eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick
Mannerisms: queries by raising eyebrows, sometimes only one (quizzical)
Habits: Enjoys a glass of wine, good food
Health: by mission start; good, fit, agile, works out every day
Hobbies: plays piano, cycling, rock climbing,
Favorite Sayings: “shape up”, “there are no accidents, only mistakes”
Greatest flaw: can be a perfectionist and is demanding of her team
Best quality: driven to succeed.

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