The Alien Corps (Book 1 in the Prosperine Series)

The Alien Corps (Book 1 in the Prosperine Series)
$12.99eBook: $2.99Audiobook: $17.99
Series: The Prosperine Trilogy, Book 2
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Tags: adventure, novel, planet, Recommended Books, space opera, star, trilogy, war
Publication Year: 2015
Format: paperback and e-Book
Length: 300 pages
Narrator: Lisa Negron
ISBN: 9780994307170

Hickory has one shot. She must rediscover the powerful empathic gift she was born with. Only then does she have a chance to stop the aliens, find out what the Teacher is up to, and decide whether he is a fraud—or perhaps the very person the Corps was created to find.

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About the Book

Hickory Lace is an empath, but her sixth sense has lain dormant for years.

Luckily, she can still tell when someone is lying to her, and when her father whom she hasn’t seen for ten years invites her to lead a mission to the remote planet, Prosperine, she knows he’s not telling her everything.

Hickory’s superiors in the Alien Corps seize the moment to have Hickory check out an alien mystic on Prosperine known to his followers as the teacher. They believe he may be the one they’ve been seeking for so long.

When Hickory arrives, she discovers a planet soaked in radiation and on the brink of war. The planet’s stocks of the liquid metal Crynidium, essential for faster-than-light travel, are in jeopardy, and the future prosperity of the Earth and its allies is at stake.

Outnumbered and outgunned, Hickory has one chance to stop the insurgents. She must rediscover the powerful empathic gift she was born with, and at the same time determine exactly who or what the teacher represents.

Scroll up and purchase this exciting science fiction adventure today and discover why some readers are calling McDermott “a contemporary Asimov.”

The Alien Corps, Book One in the Prosperine Series, is also available in paperback.

What Amazon readers are saying about this epic space adventure.

“A Great read. Had me at the first chapter. Did not want to stop. Love the plot, the story line, the action!!”

“A fun read, perfect for the backyard hammock or a comfortable beach chair while on holiday.”

“McDermott creates a very original and hopeful future world similar to the kind of sci-fi I grew up loving. His alien characters are delightful and believable. I couldn’t wait to read the second book, Rise of the Erlachi, which is even better!”

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