Bird People

Hickory’s eyebrows rose. “They’re descended from birds?”
Cortherien grimaced, and exhaled a cloud of smoke before continuing. “Loosely speaking. To be more precise, they’re warm-blooded, egg-laying vertebrates who share a common ancestry with herbivorous dinosaurs and anthropoid mammals.”

She tried to imagine a cross between a toothless pterodactyl and a gorilla. “What do they look like? I mean, do they have wings, feathers?”….

“No wings, but they do have opposable thumbs, and four toes on each foot with one pointing backward. Their offspring begin life in an egg.”….

“The embryo grows in the mother’s womb for around seventy days before it’s expelled from the body. Then, it takes a further ten days until the egg hatches. What emerges is a proto-baby with a parasitic appendage where a tail would be. The tail latches onto its parent, extracting nourishment until, at three hundred days when the baby can be fed orally, the appendage separates and withers away.”….

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