The Alien Corps: Book 1 in the Adventures of the Space Heroine Hickory Lace

The Alien Corps: Book 1 in the Adventures of the Space Heroine Hickory Lace
$15.99eBook: $2.99
Series: The Prosperine Trilogy, Book 2
Genres: Science Fiction, Space Opera
Tags: adventure, novel, planet, Recommended Books, space opera, star, trilogy, war
Publication Year: 2015
Format: paperback and e-Book
Length: 300 pages
ISBN: 9780994307170

When Hickory is assigned to the planet Prosperine, she doesn’t anticipate coming face-to-face with the fanatical Dark Suns smugglers, or a battalion of Bikashi shock troops, or a mysterious miracle worker who seems to know everything about her.
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About the Book

A story to stir the blood and take you beyond the boundaries of imagination.

War is set to explode on the newly discovered planet, Prosperine. Opposing factions within the indigenous population hold different religious beliefs and will kill to defend them.

The Alien Corps’ Hickory Lace and her two teammates, Gareth and Jess, find themselves in the middle of this seething cauldron on a mission to locate the miracle worker named the Teacher. Hickory’s superiors think the Teacher could be the one foretold in an ancient prophecy, but he may also be the cause of the unrest.

Unknown to Hickory, sinister galactic forces have their eyes on the planet. The unaligned worlds plan to take advantage of the chaos: their goal—seize the planet’s coveted crynidium deposits, ultra-rare but essential for faster-than-light travel.

Without crynidium, Earth and its allies won’t be able to continue with their plans to establish a universe-wide network for trade and defense.

The fate of worlds lie in the balance. Hickory needs to stop the alien forces, discover what the Teacher is up to and decide whether he is a fraud—or perhaps the very person the Alien Corps has been searching for.

The Alien Corps, book one of the adventures of the space heroine Hickory Lace, is also available as a paperback.

What Amazon readers are saying about this epic space adventure.

“A Great read. Had me at the first chapter. Did not want to stop. Love the plot, the story line, the action!!”


“A fun read, perfect for the backyard hammock or a comfortable beach chair while on holiday.”


“McDermott creates a very original and hopeful future world similar to the kind of sci-fi I grew up loving. His alien characters are delightful and believable. I couldn’t wait to read the second book, Rise of the Erlachi, which is even better!”

Buy The Alien Corps today and see why readers are calling McDermott a ‘contemporary Asimov.’

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