What readers say about Avanaux

"Avanaux: A Hickory Lace Adventure is a vivid, fast-paced sci-fi adventure by PJ McDermott who is gifted with an incredible writing style." 
"Reading Avanaux was a pleasure, feeling as if your own two feet were planted on the ground of the wonderful world that McDermott depicts. You were immersed with the team as they traveled from Earth, through space, to Prosperine." 
"The story reminded me a beautiful painting, where its surface of vibrant colors or subject matter, simply and elegantly drawn, reel you in, and then upon deeper reflection, it’s the details, the brushstrokes (like the insertion of technologies), the hidden or obscured 'imagery' (for example, the torment Hickory endures that weaves in and out of the story) that makes the composition work and stay with you." 
"McDermott’s prose is descriptive, yet efficient. It’s an easy and comfortable read with clear, focused, and bold concepts."

"Original, well thought out scifi thriller that kept me engaged"

"A contemporary Asimov​"

"Wow! Just wow!"

"Well-written suspense with a paranormal twist"

"A marvellous read in the best traditions of science fiction"

For fifty years, the Alien Corps has searched for a new Messiah.

An ancient manuscript, unearthed in Turkey in the year 2095, says the Messiah will appear on an alien planet at the end of days. The Corps is formed to search the Galaxy for signs, but fifty years on, hope is fading...

Hickory Lace, sacked from the Corps after a failed mission to Aquarius 4, is shocked when Prefect Cortherien selects her to undertake a dangerous assignment to the planet Prosperine. Reports of a mysterious miracle worker known as the Teacher are of concern and Hickory’s unique talents may prove invaluable.

Hickory and her team journey to Prosperine’s capital city, Ezekan, where they uncover a plot by the non-aligned planets to seize Prosperine's priceless resources for faster-than-light travel.

Hickory must find a way to stop the aliens and at the same time determine what manner of being The Teacher is and what he represents.

Avanaux: A Hickory Lace sifi-fantasy adventure is part 1 in the Prosperine Trilogy. If you enjoy original, well written science fiction that is full of suspense and adventure with a great cast of characters, then you will love this unique story by PJ McDermott.

Download Avanaux today and see why readers are calling PJ McDermott a ‘contemporary Asimov.’